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Kivanc Tatlitug is a well-known Turkish actor known for his lead roles in several highly successful television series, including Gumus (2005-2007), Menekşe ile Halil (2007–2008), Aşk-ı Memnu (2008–2010), Kuzey Güney (2011–2013), Kurt Seyit ve Sura (2014), and Cesur ve Güzel (2016–2017), all of which garnered him critical acclaim and international recognition. In addition to these, Tatlıtuğ has also attracted praise from international directors such as James Cameron and from Oscar winning actors, such as Russel Crowe. He also starred in the bittersweet movie, Butterfly's Dream for which he won the Yeşilçam Cinema Awards for Best Actor. In addition, Kivanc has two Golden Butterfly Awards for his roles in the series "Ask-i Memnu" and "Kuzey Guney".

Kivanc was born on October 27, 1983 in Adana, southern Turkey and has four siblings.  The name Kivanc means "pride" in Turkish and Tatlitug is a portmanteau of the Turkish words "tatli" meaning sweet, and "tug" meaning the tail of a horse.

Tatlitug was born and raised in Adana and his family has been in the bakery business in this city for more than a hundred years.  His family sent him to Yenice Cag Private High School where he excelled in basketball.  Due to his father's illness, Tatlitug and his family moved to Istanbul so his father could get proper treatment.


He began his working career in 2002 at the age of 19 by hosting some shows and TV programs and modeling (for which he won the award for Best Model of Turkey and Best Model of the World). After that he started his  acting career by playing the nationally acclaimed role of Mehmet in the well known series "Gumus".  This was the first Turkish serial that was presented in the Middle East, which earned Kivanc his grand fame. 


Today, he is the most well known and famous actor in the Middle East, North Africa and the Turkish Republic since 2005. 

Kivanc was invited to many Film Festivals like Abu Dhabi, Cairo and Muscat as a Guest of Honor where he was awarded with honors.

He is very philanthropic and he became the youngest Goodwill Ambassador to UNICEF in 2011.

Kivanc married stylist Başak Dizer on 19 February 2016 at the Turkish embassy in Paris. 

Height: 6'2"

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Dark Blond

Location: Istanbul Turkey

Current project: Organize Isler 2

2010 - present
2010 - present


Organize Isler 2: Sazan Sarmali    Horoz Dovuscusu            2018

Hadi Be Oglum                              Ali                                    2016-2017


The Butterfly's Dream                   Muzaffer Tayyip Uslu      2013


Toy Story 3 (Turkish Version)         Ken                                   2010 (Voice Actor)

Americans at the Black Sea          Muzaffer                          2007


Brave and Beautiful   Cesur Alemdaroglu                  2016- 17


Kurt Seyit ve Sura       Kurt Seyit                                   2014

Kuzey Güney               Kuzey Tekinoglu                       2011-2013

Ezel                              Sekiz / Ramiz                              2010 (6 episodes)

Forbidden Love          Behlül Haznedar                         2008-2010

Menekse ile Halil        Halil Tuglu                                  2007-2008

Acemi Cadi                 As himself                                   2006 (1 episode)

Gumus                         Mehmet Sadoglu                       2005

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