Hadi Be Oglum (Come on my son)



Ali, a fisherman, living a quiet life in the sleepy fishing village of Kas, has his life changed when Leyla appears with Efe.  Efe is Ali's only child. He is different from other children. Efe, has a communication problem, and he is not a child who can laugh and play and react to what he hears. As he tries to bond with his son, Ali  feels even more alone.  And Ali's greatest desire is to know that his son understands him. The love of the son of the painful father who carries the burden of the memories of his father, his mother and the woman he loves, will shape the life of both.

Starring Kivanc Tatlitug as Ali

Busra Develi as Leyla

Alihan Turkdemir as Efe

With Feridun Duzagac

Sezai Aydin

Yucel Erten

Cem Zeynel Kilic 

and Yildiz Kultur




“I love you so much, father. I am so lucky to have you” 
It is the only sentence a father would like to hear from his child. Whereas sometimes, just a look can tell a father how much he is loved. This is a story about how life changes and transforms with the arrival of a child, how a father can turn the world upside down for his child’s gaze and what sharing love truly means.
Ali and his father’s modest life that they built for themselves in Kaş will be changed forever when Leyla shows up. Leyla who enters their lives all of a sudden, disappears just as quickly while leaving them a present, Efe.
A man becomes a father the first time he holds his child. And when a man becomes a father, love starts to have a completely different meaning.  
With Efe’s arrival, Ali who has always been a “son”, starts understanding that “fatherhood” will be a long and emotional adventure.
Events unfold while Ali struggles relentlessly for his son. Father and son will witness how an utterly different life will start for them. At this point, Ali will have to make new choices and come to realize that he can do anything for his son. 
Ali will become aware that happiness is like a single drop merges into an ocean and it comes when it is least expected. He will understand how an unrequited love between a father and son has an unbreakable bond.


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Istanbul February 13

Vienna February 16


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