Kivanc's New Movie is "Zero"

Over the past week the Turkish entertainment gossip publications published untruths about Kivanc's new movie which is due to be filmed in the US. And Kivanc set the record straight for everyone with a single tweet.

Last week, some not so reliable gossip publications in Turkey were reporting that Katie Holmes had turned down the lead role in Kivanc's film which was supposed to begin filming in NY this July, because she did not know who she was. He took to twitter to set the record straight.

In the US and Canada its easy to spot the gossip magazines.. We all know to take publications like National Enquirer with more than a grain of salt. But apparently its not that easy to spot them in Turkey because Twitter-verse was abuzz with this falsehood within minutes. And the madness continued for days. Kivanc was even waylaid in a shopping mall (Akmerkez in Istanbul) and asked about it. Of course, he said he would not comment on this nonsense. But the falsehoods did not stop.

We obviously are not happy the press printed falsehoods, but we love that there are new pictures of Kivanc. Here he is walking in Akmerkez, a shopping center in Istanbul.

The tweeting and speculation actually got so bad that the production company making Kivanc's US film, Artist Film Ayyapim, put out its very first press release about the movie.

We always try to find the silver lining in things, and the silver lining here is that we know the name of Kivanc's next movie, the filming of which according to his agents has been postponed it needed more preparation, is called "Sifir" which means "Zero" in English. The press release also put an end to the rumors that Katie Holmes had turned down the female lead role. Because according to the press release there have been no negotiations or agreements with any female or male actress except for Kivanc.

Well that explains everything. And hopefully Kivanc can go about in peace enjoying his break, and spending time with friends and those whom he loves. And as is par for the course, he was spotted just today in Bebek Istanbul walking one of those whom he loves. His dog Mars. Both of them are absolutely adorable.

Now we just have to cross our fingers that preparations for the movie won't take too long, and Kivanc makes his way to the US..


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