TINDR the Hunter?

First Anne Rice and now Octavia Randolph!!! The author of the popular medieval saga, The Circle of Ceridwen, is considering Kivanc Tatlitug as a character in a possible future mini series. The self published author who has a growing following of fans, is looking for a production company to adapt her popular book series for television. Randolph thinks that Kivanc would make the perfect TINDR, the handsome, kind and deaf hunter-hero of book 5 of the saga. She published this on her Facebook page… “ Actor Kivanc Tatlitug as TINDR. What do you think?”

And just like Anne Rice’s page last month, Randolph’s page was flooded with comments within minutes!

One way or another Kivanc is bound to make an English speaking series.. the question is who will win? Anne? or Octavia? Or maybe both?? If you think Kivanc would make a good TINDR, let Octavia know on her Facebook page.


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